All change

Life is starting to move again and with it are some new projects.

Christmas spiders

It’s here!!! My own original version of the legend How the Christmas Spider Invented Tinsel This A4 size printable PDF is my version of the traditional folk tale. This can be downloaded and printed for personal use only. Copyright Cheryl D. Baker 2018 Unique spider ornaments are available in my shop. Please feel free to…

Genie in a bottle

After taking my course on figure sculpting, I’ve been working on making a genie to go inside one of my bottles.  More work required to get the size and pose right, but I’m pleased with the way this idea is starting. The transparent grey glass works well for the idea of a form made of…

Creating is infectious

Last weekend I took a great course with the talented glass artist Caroline Wediman. It renewed my desire to press on and create bigger sculptures, something that was starting to flag after constant failures. Being surrounded by other glass artist, if only for a couple of days, fed my imagination and enthusiasm. It was so…

Happy Mothers Day 5 ways to mother your creativity

Creative process is a birth. Births are hard work. Blood, sweat, and tears are involved – sometimes accompanied with a lot of shouting. Take a little time to remember this and celebrating the process. Take today to congratulate your inner mother for persevering. By recognising ways to Mother your creativity, new and better work will…

Amazing collection of glass work

Absolutely stunning realistic glass sculptures at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. All the more amazing when you realise these were made over a hundred years ago. Truly inspiring. via Glass Flowers: The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants | Harvard Museum of Natural History

New Sparkle pendant

  Excited to share the latest addition to my etsy shop – this brilliant starburst galaxy pendant. A beautiful yin yang, show stopper piece of bling jewellery. Great as a party necklace or statement jewellery.