All change

Life is starting to move again and with it are some new projects.

Book Two is here!

Book two of the Timeless Doctor Scott’s thrilling adventure series is nearing completion. If you’ve been wondering what’s happened to Anna and her friends, the book will be available on November 6. But if you don’t want to wait that long, I’ve got a few of the opening chapters ready to read.

They’re here!

I’ve finally managed to make some glass pens and I’m so pleased. I’ve got ten ready just in time for this weekends science-fiction, fantasy, and horror book festival. There were more technical challenges than I’d expected when I started, but after many failures, I think I’ve come up with a beautiful selection. New bookmarks. Not…

Time to breathe

When it feel’s like the world’s gone a bit mad – don’t be a psycho wiener. Take a breath, step back and find a good book to read… the fire breathing dragons are sometimes friendly there.

If you want creative workers….

Apologies for the lack of new glass post this winter, I’ve stepped back from lamp work to allow me time to focus on my writing this spring. Current plans are to launch my new novel, Shadow Mistress, at the end of the Summer. The actual launch date has not been set yet, so I’ll keep…

Genie in a bottle

After taking my course on figure sculpting, I’ve been working on making a genie to go inside one of my bottles.  More work required to get the size and pose right, but I’m pleased with the way this idea is starting. The transparent grey glass works well for the idea of a form made of…