All change

That’s a phrase I’ve not heard much of recently. It was as if the whole world was stuck on pause, but now there seems to be movement. Spring is trying to blossom and my most recent WIP is nearing completion.

This piece was inspired by an arts & crafts design I found in ‘William Morris Stained Glass Pattern Book’, by Carolyn Relei because it complemented a friends historic home perfectly. I adapted the original design to include the robin and bold simple flowers that are meaningful to the recipients. Also, it’s hard to see in this image, but there is a lampworked ladybird on one of the leaf clusters which I think add a bit of whimsy to the piece.

From the stunning results here, I’m making plans to spend quite a bit of time refining my painting techniques and incorporating it into larger panels this year along with little bits of lampwork. Of course, I’ll showing more of that as I go.

Which ties in neatly with another project I’ve been working on. I’ve got an idea for a new book that will lay out the steps of how anyone can teach themselves new creative skills. It’s still early days, so I won’t say too much more about it right now, but it will be directly influenced by the progress of these new painting projects.

If you would like to know more about the stained glass pattern book, there is further information on my resources page.

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