My First Novel

Out of Time by Cherie Baker. A Supernatural thriller
A supernatural thriller

Ta Da… My first novel. I probably should have included this link earlier, considering it’s been keeping me away from melting glass for awhile now.

A supernatural thriller for grown-ups. There are sprinklings of romance and humour, but mostly its a six hundred year old woman and her hound trying to save the world.

Time stops for no man, but it paused for one unusual woman. She thought she was invincible. She was wrong.

Six hundred year old Julieanna Scott never forgets and rarely forgives. When one of her companions is murdered, she sets out to settle the vendetta, but was Geoffrey’s death her fault or the widows?

As the clues build up, Anna’s past returns with a nasty surprise and more fall victim to an ancient foe. Careening between questionable allies and loathsome realities, she attempts to grasp the forces that govern the universe. If she gets it wrong, she will lose everything. Her friends, her life, the galaxy…

Absolutely everything…

No pressure.

Out of time is the start of an exciting paranormal adventure. If you like strong women, dark humour, and cutting action, you’ll love the first instalment of Cherie’s out-of-this-world series.

To learn more about my books please visit Drumcross Publishing or you can purchase a copy of this book at your favourite online provider.


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