If you want creative workers….

lampwork slug and John Cleese quote -  "If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play."

Apologies for the lack of new glass post this winter, I’ve stepped back from lamp work to allow me time to focus on my writing this spring. Current plans are to launch my new novel, Shadow Mistress, at the end of the Summer. The actual launch date has not been set yet, so I’ll keep posting updates.

Yes, I also write and paint. I find the variety helps keep my creativity fresh. Whenever I start to get bogged down, I like to shifted gears and work on a completely different project. Sadly the glass wasn’t feeling vibrant by the end of the Christmas season. Quite a few of my big plans for the year did not work out which left me quite tired. I won’t give up on it, I’ve spent too many hours at the flame and learned too much, I’m just going to set it to one side and not make it a daily practice.

I still have plenty of beautiful pieces in my collection, many of which I have not even photographed yet. There will continue to be new things in my shop as I can get the photos done and listing written. New commissions are no problem either. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an idea or question about my glass.

Happy Creating.

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