What colour will your Friday be?

making spirits bright

Black is a cool colour, but I like a bit of vibrancy. Recently while traveling in the USA, I came across a newspaper article about something that started in California a few years ago in response to all the Black Friday sales events. Its called Plaid Friday.  As far as I could work out, the concept boils down to the principle of weaving together artists, local business and consumers  like a plaid shirt to form closer communities.

Sadly a lot of these ties have broken down with the invention of mega malls and corporate giants that can deliver any and everything to your own door at a bargain price. Unfortunately, we’re sleep walking past the fact that the ‘bargin’ price is losing access to  our network of local resources.

It takes a little more effort and I’ll admit I click the ‘buy now’ button from some of the biggies occasionally, but the article got me thinking about what I buy and if there are other ways I could get a similar products or services. It also got me thinking about what my business can do  for the local community. I’ll be mulling this over more during coming weeks but the first thing that came to mind was that instead of discounting stock, I’ll donate a portion of my proceeds to The Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The Guide Dogs have always resonated with me personally. Losing the ability to see can be a crushing blow to confidence and mobility, so anything that enables people to carry on enjoying life is amazing. I puppy walked for this group recently and am aware of how the crunch of the economic downturn has restricted some of their fundraising so  I’m always looking for ways  that I can continue to help. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great build up to the holidays.  Now get out there and let your creative process flow – dream up a thought or two to build your local community.

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