Art is as natural as sunshine


Art is as natural as sunshine. Do you believe that?

Try asking a preschooler while holding a box of crayons. Would the child hesitate?

Now ask yourself – what’s holding me back?

Recently I made a list, something I do regularly, but I tried something different this time. I put estimated times next to each item in an attempt to organise my tasks. As the day rolled by nothing fit neatly into the little boxes I’d designed. First some glass stuck to the kiln. I didn’t notice until part way into the day’s sculpting which had to be scrapped, everything taken out of the kiln, and the heat raised enough to scrape the offending nuggets off the floor before they became a permanent problem. Then the wind chimes I’d fired the day before couldn’t be assembled due to missing parts.

But I also noticed that as the time slipped by, fear lead me to procrastinate more than the small obstacles warranted. Small fears whispered it would be better to have a coffee, eat a sandwich, and weed the garden than carry on trying to make things when it’s obviously not going well. Unfortunately listening to this little voice often leads to guilt and panic that not enough is getting done. Oddly, the unhelpful panic then spirals into even more procrastinating.

Somewhere in between is the balance of making, accepting and moving on with life. Creation is natural. It is the foundation of life, but somehow we’ve let our minds, our fears get in the way.

The time-list wasn’t a complete success, but it let me observe my actions more clearly. It led me to the realisation that even when I have a clear plan, as soon as uncertainty creeps in, so does fear which leads to procrastination. My lurking monster was cast into the light by the mindful task. It gave shape to my beast. Now that I’ve seen it there is hope I can tame it.

Watch for my next post for ideas on how to get “unstuck” when fear throws creativity into paralysis, but in the meantime – get out there and create.

And don’t forget to have fun with it.






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