Creating is infectious

Last weekend I took a great course with the talented glass artist Caroline Wediman. It renewed my desire to press on and create bigger sculptures, something that was starting to flag after constant failures. Being surrounded by other glass artist, if only for a couple of days, fed my imagination and enthusiasm. It was so infectious, I thoroughly recommend to all artist. If you have the opportunity to work alongside other creatives, jump at it.

I’ve been trying to sculpt glass for a few years now. I’ve taken classes and practised for hours, but it’s a harsh media. There is no room for mistakes. The skills needed take time, and often some small (or huge) problem keeps a vision burning in an artist soul. A vision that can’t quite survive in reality until the skills catch up. Often there are of years of frustration attempting to do something the that seems simple. An elegant curve, a stand that doesn’t wobble, or even a skirt on a figurine are all things that must be done in the right way or the glass won’t survive.

Now my sketchbook is filling with ideas and my practice figures are making faltering progress to bring them to life. This is my attempt at the yoga ‘tree’ pose. And yes the arms are awful, but it is practice so they can be.practice figure along side initial sketch

In fact, I would not be able to improve if I didn’t try to make things that might turn out ugly. So I will acknowledge what worked (I like the leg position) as well as all the things that need improvement and carry on.

Making art is all about pushing comfort boundaries. Every time I try to paint, write, or sculpt, there is a small part of me that wants to run away. That is afraid it won’t be any good. Julia Cameron stated in her book the artist’s way – An artist job is to create the work, not judge the work. It’s a very powerful statement, one that helps me push through and keep creating every day. Even the days I didn’t feel like it.

Thanks for reading but that’s enough of my rambling. Time to get out there and create.


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  1. coffeewithmack says:

    I really liked the yoga tree!! Keep up the good work!!!

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