New creation is a mystery to many

One of the questions I get asked a lot is – How do you come up with ideas?

There isn’t one answer. Some are through planning and research to a design brief, other pop into my mind spontaniously.  Over the next few weeks I’d like to share how I get some of them.

Today’s devil was one of the spontanious ones. It all started with needing to update a few of my online shop listings. Looking at similar items lead me to a site that had strings of mandala beads. Really beautiful beads. That was the start. I’ve been trying to be more mindful lately and get into a habit of meditating daily so I thought these would be really useful.

I wanted to make a complete set of matching beads but that’s going to take a few sessions with the torch so I pulled out my box of finished beads. I felt drawn to a red and black colour theme so that helped rule out most of the bright garish colours. After playing around with a few combinations, I decided on some snowflake obsidien beads separated with red cord knots. I finished this with one of my own lampworked beads and a hand wrapped tassel.

After much eye squenting, and pulling out knots that were not in the right place, this was born.Mandala

I’m fairly happy with it, but have lots I’d like to improve so I’ll make more until I get it just right.

For me a spontanious idea need these things –

  • Space in your mind. Allow ideas to freely associate with what’s happening at any moment
  • Mull over the idea, poke at it to see what’s drawing your interest.
  • Jump into action. Do something while the enthusiasm is fresh.
  • Don’t be too harsh if the first ‘baby’ isn’t perfect. You can and probably will make more.

Cheers, now go forth and create.



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