I’m so excited…..

I’m so excited about these. I love the places creative exploration can take design.  The little lady birds are the cutest thing I’ve made for awhile but I didn’t start out the day planning to make them.  It was only after making some little red and black pokka dot ball earrings, I got inspired to try tiny lady birds.  With a little practice, I was able to make the eyes and head small enough to match the body.

Just in time to go with my next idea. Summer’s on the way and roses are one of my favourite flowers.  Of course you need lady birds to keep away the aphids, so I plan to combine the two in my next project.  Watch this space for photos of that.

The second great idea I got this week came from a customer last weekend asking if I could make paperweights.  Unfortunately I’ve tried, but my torch isn’t powerful enough to melt the correct amount of glass for a full size paperweight. However small is beautiful. Tiny has a special charm, so I tried making miniature ones.  These turned into gorgeous earrings that I’m really pleased with.

Today’s experimentation was incorporating copper into an implosion pendent. I’ll have to wait until it come out of the kiln tomorrow to see if it’s any good, but it was great to try the idea and play around with materials.

To me that’s what art is all about.  Trying an idea that pushes the materials you use, then evaluating the results before trying again.  It’s no use just copying someone else’s design.  However beautiful it may be, it hampers the creation of your own style.  And that is a shame, cause if you don’t do it…. no one else will. No one else has your perspective on the world. Don’t hide it in a crowd of mediocrity.


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