the good, the bad, and the ugly

Today’s kiln findings were a mixed bunch.  I knew they would be, but it’s always a little sad seeing the reality.


First up, the best of the bunch.  I had an idea for a weeping eye sculpture and this is the result.  I like the central tear falling motif , but it’s not straight and the whole thing is too tall which makes it top heavy.  It went back into the flame today with mixed success.

Next up are the ‘bad’. These little fellas just didn’t hold it together, (much like how I’m feeling in the current political maelstrom).  My fault for the first one, I knew it was probably a little cold, but put it straight back into the flame to polish off the punty mark and it shattered.  Two hours work down the drain due to my failure to give due care and attention to my material.  The second one is a little more mysterious as to why it cracked.  It was fine when I put it in the kiln, but I heard the ominous ‘kink’ as the door shut.  Could have been an air bubble in the wrong place, or I’d heated it unevenly so when it touched the kiln floor  one part was much warmer/cooler than the rest.


Lastly is the ‘ugly’.  Now I know that can be a devise word, and it doesn’t entirely describe the piece, but it wasn’t what I wanted. It seems in the modern world that perhaps the best definition of ‘ugly’ is out of step with the acceptable/expected appearance?

This little guy has a certain charm and I was hoping it would be the start of a free standing dragon sculpture; however, on closer inspection he looks more like an over grown worm.  The beige colour, made from NS butterscotch, could pop out with some lovely purple, blues or greens but I must not have struck it right since none of those lovely reactionary colours showed up.  I’ll try running him through the flame again, see if I can improve the structure and colour, otherwise he’ll have earned a place on the fuggly shelf. That’s where all the miss-shapen critters, that only the creator would love, go…

Any other makers out there have a similar home for their less-than-perfect creations?



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