Brain fog

So there haven’t been many posts this month, I’ve been a bit distracted.

One of the projects I embarked on last year was puppy walking for the guide dogs for the blind.  I took charge of a lovely little yellow lab last February and now she’s just set off for the next stage of her training in London. Strangely, when we were out walking the first question most people asked was ‘How are you going to be able to give her up?’

Of course, I knew that day would be difficult, but why do people automatically jump to the problems rather than the benefits of a situation?  I had the most adorable, clever, cutie sharing my life for twelve months.  That’s a pretty big plus point in my mind.

And now I can say how I gave her up.  With a few tears and an ache that will probably last forever, but also pride and joy for being allowed to raise her. She jumped into the van with a waggy tail, attacked the chew toy and sniffed her travel companion.  She was ready for the next stage of her life and so am I.

This week I’m back to work making glass sculptures and vessels, hopefully with some pictures soon. This year will be a new focus: creatures from myth and our own pagan past,  including dragons, gargoyles, witches, and fairies. Blessed be.



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