Birth of a Christmas bauble

A wee little story for the run up to Christmas, told from the glass’ point of view.


Ooh, that feels nice. So much heat, I can finally move. Spinning spinning, I want to run away.

Huff puff puff.

Wow what a big tummy I’ve gotten. Nice and round as we spin and spin. Back into the flame, blinding yellow, no white hot all around. I can move again. Stretch, contract, spin spin spin.

Now what? I need colour. Yes yes, beautiful colours. Bright blue and sparkling amber that turns purple. Back into the flame; colour and clear merge until we are one.

Huff puff puff.

I’m so much bigger now.

Twist and turn

Look at that, my colours spiral round me now. Back into the flame, the glorious white hot flame. Flow stretch, spin spin spin.

Huff poof, tug.

I’ve got a little tail.


Ouch, no more tail, just a teeny tiny hole. How odd. How odd.

Heat; just my head now.

Dollop. Pull and twist.

Oh that was slick. What a lovely round do dah for my crown.

Back into heat, but it’s dark now. No… definitely not the flame, much cooler, but still nice. Perfect temperature to rest a bit. I’m so tired from all that growing.

Oh its light again, were coming out. Looky looky, there’s more like me. Rows and rows of us hanging in the window. Oh there’s some on the tree too. I hope I get put on the tree.

Nope into the window. Oh well, I can see more here.

Wow those streets are crowded. So many people, they’re everywhere. Noses press to the glass, fingers point, shop bells ring.

Fingers take down my red and yellow cousin,

My turn. Woo hoo, out of the window already. Where are we going?

Tissue paper wrapped tight, ugh that’s suffocating.

Stuff, stuff, rattle. It’s dark again.

Rattle, rattle. It so dark.

Where are we going?

Cousin doesn’t know either.

Paper tears, light shines, soft fingers take me out of my wrappings

It’s gorgeous. Thank you.”

The fingers stroke my round tummy, then take me to my very own evergreen. It’s so big and sparkly. My crown hooks over a branch. I can see the whole room from here.

Oh ya, this is what I was made for.

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