Roll with it

Big sigh,   I’ve been working very hard over the last week getting ready for what I thought would be a really successful craft fair to actually have my quietest day every. I can’t fault the organiser, it is the nature of the beast, everyone had a slow day. I just have to pick up and carry on.

The market was useful though, even though I didn’t make any money off the day, I did meet other like minded people.  People who get excited enough about making things that it over flows the house and you almost have to start selling or drown in your own creations.  That’s always nice.  I love having the chance to chat about my art and to hear about other peoples projects.

It was also useful as a way to measure my customer base and build a little better picture in my head of the type of person who is interested in my creations.  Hopefully it will help me tailor my choice of venues/events and future outing will be more satisfying all around.

Nice weather (which we had yesterday), and recent big sporting events (again a yes tick) mean a lot of people will have something else they’d rather do other than wander around a shopping centre buying glass trinkets. It’s all a learning curve, unfortunately, and there is no way to find this out but do a few events, but I think it might be worth keeping an eye on what other the events are happening around proposed market dates in future.

Ah well today is the start of a new week, on to new projects, Christmas and Halloween to be precise.



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