Windy music and Holiday memories

I’ve been making wind chimes lately, in between the one hundred and one things that have all conspired to happen at the same time.  Never a dull moment here as the central heating  contractor decided they can only fit us in to replace the system NOW, husbands work needs him away for two week NOW,  van expired on it’s MOT test yesterday, and the puppy had decided she want to shred the house if I’m not with her every second of the day.

At least the tinkle of the chimes is peaceful.  I’m hoping to make some more  of these.  I’m learning with each one I make and the designs are getting better and better.  They all use up-cycled glass in one form or another and my first attempts to make doughnut didn’t flatten very well.  But after increasing the temperature and time in the kiln, they’re getting a very nice tactile feel.

The two at the top also incorporate a scene. They start off as a large rectangle that is painted with small pieces of glass then after firing it’s cut into slices to hang in a spiral.  One was inspired by the black beaches of Tenerife, the other was a sunset over the Austrian alps.





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