New window decorations

Two new window decorations using Richard La Londe’s glass line technique.  Unfortunately the colours on the hearts didn’t fire as red as my samples so I’ve got a bit of a tomato looking stain but I’m going to try a few things with paint and re-fire it to see if that helps.  But I really like the dog and snail piece.  It was inspired by a recent trip to the national museums special exhibit of Celtic art and my puppies desire to pounce on everything.

Recently I took the plunge and decided to stay up until 1 am to take a web seminar with this artist.  I’m not a late night person and my husband needed to be up for work the next morning, so it was a bit of a delema, but Richard lives in America and I’m currently in Scotland.  It would probably be my only chance to take a lesson with him.

Although it was late, and I didn’t ask a lot of questions due to my sleepy head, it was worth it.  Listening to the artist explain his technique pointed out where I was going wrong with a few things and highlighted new concepts I hadn’t tried yet.  But more exciting was the way the whole thing kick started some creative ideas in my head that I can’t wait to try out.

One of these new avenues is using window glass to create with.  I just found a person getting rid of a load of broken panes from a green house so the next few projects will be with these.  I had been thinking of using this with paint or enamel for some time as a more environmentally friendly way to full fill my desire to create with glass and I don’t know why, but I thought I was being experimental and bold with this idea.  In actually fact it has all been done before.  Back in the fifties, before art glass was easily available, there were several artist working in this style.   So I’ve come to realise that although the technique isn’t new, the way I use it will be.  And that’s the whole point I guess, by standing on the shoulders of our predecessors we all can reach new heights.



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