Is it a game?


My latest creation, the cat and mouse game. It’s very hard to see in the photo but the mouses tail curled beautifully over his body.

This one is called surf’s up, a variation of the ship in a bottle concept miniaturised

Both will be going into Glasgow tomorrow along with a non glass piece  to submit to a jury for a show later this month.  The theme of the show is “toaty wee” and all pieces have to be less than 5 cm, (that about 2 inches).   Was a challenge but quite interesting to try to work as small as possible.  Most of my works tend to be on the small side but I had to really work and making sure I’d scaled things down enough to fit the brief.  I had another surfer that was in a much longer bottle, it gave the impression of water better but was too big for this show.  (Just as well really since it developed a crack yesterday.)



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