plans or lack of

Is it worth making a plan?  I ask myself that every time one fails.  And most times I have to say yes the plan was worth it.  It gave me somewhere to start.  Whether it be an idea for a new piece of glass or what to do on a Saturday afternoon a plan is a structure to build around.  More often than not though it often isn’t complete, even the best plans miss out something.  Something I had no way of knowing I would need until life happened.

These two pendants started as a wonderful idea inspired by ships in a bottle.  How about a loch nessie inside a wave. ‘How cool would that be?’ I thought.  Then came some sketches before lighting the torch.  Plans done, Loch Ness monster coming up.

The reality was a very different matter.  The miniature nessies wanted to melt in the flame and the technicalities of sealing the piece lead to several piles of broken glass, as the hollow sphere cracked or became lopsided.   Perseverance and several hours later a couple were acceptable.  Not great yet but practice will make them better.  I’ve learned a lot about how to handle the glass and handle the frustration.

Periodically I’ve given myself a hard time about not having all the pieces of the puzzle complete before acting. That I should have though of every eventuality and prevented the problems.  It’s taken quite few years but I’ve finally realised that line of thinking doesn’t take away the  forgotten piece it simple leads to a paranoid anxiety about making decisions or taking action.

So this year is all about taking action without over thinking things.  A scary choice just deciding that.  But so far it has been an interesting year and many things in my life are different.  I’m not going to say better or worse, it’s just different.  By not categorising the changes I’ve found it easier to accept them and allow more.

Plans for this year?  Not sure, make more glass, hopefully sell a bit, write, love and laugh.

I’ll let you know how it works out.



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